RAM Manager Pro Crack APK 8.0.9 Swap File

RAM Manager Pro Crack: This version of RAM manager has maximum features and never requires a mood. Addition Pro properties are submitted in it. You are thinking what RAM manager is? Actually this is an application which persists upon android devices to optimize them. This applications will provides you a free space and removes UN allocated data space. It takes the responsibility of boosting the speed of your device. The lags will be increased automatically with its help.RAM Manager Pro

RAM manager pro version is now extended its properties with improved skills. If you have a problem about taking the free space or memory in your device this will overcome on this anxiety. It swaps the application with each other. Your device performance will be increased dramatically. You have just need to select one profile actually which you have to required. So after selecting your device fantastically upgrade the speed and you will be just wonder.


You have in your hand authority to change your device even which functionality you want to take from it. For example using specially for multiple tasks it will balance every task even are different devices.

Features RAM Manager Pro Keygen:

  • Get new dashboard
  • See your graph of memory how much is being consumed.
  • Memory information in single click
  • It has custom designing.
  • It is consisted over VM heap size in it.
  • File swapping techniques
  • Full memory cleaner
  • Best widget supporter
  • Multi lingual support
  • Provides a default setting for apps

What’s Special?

  1. Ads are restricted
  2. Congested old version characteristic and updated
  3. Fully and fastest supporter
  4. Has all relevant features
  5. RAM Tuner
  6. Best setting for user

This is really a cool android application for enhancing the speed of RAM.ram manager keygen

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